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We have Thousands of used Creosote Treated / utility poles Priced by the foot depending on the type Cut to order. These poles are great forYour Electrical Meter Loop Pole, House foundations, Pole barns, fence post, Pier and Beam Installations, Horse Corrals, Landscaping, Mulch, Water Bars, Retaining Walls, Pylons, Bridges, Signs, Light Poles, All Sizes available. All poles cut and loaded for you at No Charge.

( Delivery is an additional charge, ask your sales person for more details. We are always happy to assist you.)

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To learn more on creosote wood and all the applications please feel free to contact our office, we

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Just some helpful information about the safety of creosote treated wood.
North Carolina Horse Council Agribusiness Sponsor General Timber, Inc. Creosote & CCA Wood Fences: Are these products safe and legal?
By: Greg Williams, General Timber Inc. Sanford, NC
How many times have you heard “You can’t buy creosote any more?” If you’ve been to horse shows and farms around the state and work for General Timber, Inc. you hear it quite a bit. Heard about the dangers of arsenic found in your decks and treated lumber? Worried about your family? Then this article is for you.
To answer the most popular questions first: creosote is indeed a legal chemical and is readily available for treating popular wood products like horse fencing and barn poles. Creosote has found a home on the horse farm, with year after year of fighting wood eating insects, fungi, ground rot and also deterring problematic horses from nibbling your boards. It is not unusual at all for a creosote pressure treated fence to last well past 30 years with little maintenance. If your grandfather made you help him mend his creosote fence line, you probably dislike this very misunderstood chemical, but you will notice that his fence has held up well over the years. Creosote has a nasty smell and a mean bite if you don’t wear the proper clothing, but does the job. With a little planning and information you can safely use this product.
If you are still uncertain of the safety and validity of creosote as a choice on your farm, check out www.epa.gov/safewater/mcl.html - you won’t find creosote listed. When handling, one must wear protective gloves, goggles and long sleeve shirts to keep the product away from the skin. Creosote is photo toxic, meaning the sun will activate it once it has made contact with the skin. If exposed, serious burns and lots of discomfort could result if not treated immediately. Your best defense is common sense; if you get creosote on you, quickly wash it away with soapy water, rinse with cool water and stay out of the sun. Refer to your MSDS (material safety data sheet) to learn more about the safe handling and use of creosote. Using experienced fence contractors can completely protect you from any bad experiences.




2954  SE Loop 410

San Antonio,Texas 78222


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